Youth Sports

Youth Sports Holiday Bowling/Pizza Party at Lucky Strike Bellevue (ages 8-15)
Spend an afternoon the day after Thanksgiving (Nov 23) bowling, playing video games and eating pizza with your friends and Bellevue Youth Sports coaches!  Lucky Strike Bellevue is conveniently located in Bellevue's downtown retail core.  This four-hour party includes two hours of bowling on the universally-recognized boutique-style bowling lanes, followed by two hours of video games in the world-renowned arcade game room, Power Play!  With over 70 machines and 110 stations to play, Power Play features exclusive games such as the four-player Super Deluxe Sega Showdown (motion simulator demolition derby racing at its finest), eight-player Sega Out Run 2 (Ferrari motion simulator), Star Wars Battle Pod and Mach Storm Jet Fighting Pod, classic novelty games like NBA Hoops, Iceball, Air Hockey and Dynamic Boxer.  Pizza and drinks will be provided.  Come play with us!  Space is limited, so be sure to sign up now.  Drop off and pick up at Lucky Strike Bellevue.

  • Ages:  8-15 years old    
  • Day:  Friday, Nov 23
  • Time:  11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  
  • Location:  Lucky Strike Bellevue, 700 Bellevue Way NE, Suite 250 (in Lincoln Square)   
  • Fee:  $40/resident and $50/non-resident
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Youth Sports Fall Program Brochure 

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Scholarship Application
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Coach Code of Conduct

Connections - Recreation Program Brochure (Class catalog)

NOTICE: If the Bellevue School District is closed due to inclement weather, all Bellevue Parks registered classes and programs are cancelled. However, select facilities may be open for drop-in activities at a modified level.  Please call the facility or program area for additional information and weekend. 


Youth Flag Football (ages 8-13)

Bellevue Youth Sports is proud to offer a safe, dynamic and non-competitive environment for beginning young co-ed athletes to discover the fun in playing flag football.  Athletes will develop basic skills and techniques necessary to succeed on both offense and defense.  This four-week program is designed to introduce players to the sport, with 30 minutes of practice and conditioning followed by 30 minutes of fun game play.  No experience necessary.

  • Ages:  8-13 years old
  • Days:  Wednesdays, Nov 28 to Dec 19
  • Time:  1:45 p.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Location:  Robinswood Sports Field (East Field)
  • Fee:  $30/resident and $35/non-resident
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Soccer (ages 4-9)

Youth Sports Soccer Leagues

Youth Soccer League Information
The Youth Sports Soccer League is specially designed to help your child understand the team concept of soccer, enhancing their dribbling, passing, scoring and defense.  The values of teamwork and strategy, along with understanding the importance of sportsmanship, create an environment that promotes positive developmental assets amongst our youth.  

  • League Structure:  The first two weeks are practice, followed by four weeks of games.  This league is a one day per week commitment, always the same location and time.
  • Uniforms:  A jersey is included in the registration fee and will be issued on the first game day.
  • Shin guards are required for all soccer leagues.
  • Inclement Weather Policy:  Cancellations due to inclement weather will be made by the Recreation Coordinator at the field.  Coaches and players must report to the field.  Soccer is an all-weather sport.  Come prepared to play in all types of weather!
  • Volunteer Coaches Needed:  Call 425-452-4627 for more information and to receive a $20 discount towards your registration fee.  To receive this discount, a background check is required, along with attendance at a mandatory coaching clinic.   
  • Participants will be assigned to teams based on the following:
  • I've signed up for soccer... now what do I do?  You will be contacted by email prior to the league start date.  This email will include your team and parent packet.
  • Soccer League Packet
  • Youth Soccer League Schedule - Fall 2018

This 5-6 year-old co-ed league is a great way for your little star to begin team play with emphasis on participation, fun and skill development in an instructional setting.  This six-week league will give your child the basic instruction of dribbling, passing, scoring and teamwork!  We will begin with two weeks of team practice, followed by four weeks of games.  Come and join the fun!  Volunteer coaches are needed for this league.  Maximum of six players per team.  

This 7-9 year-old co-ed instructional league is a great way to further develop and enhance your basic knowledge and skills in soccer.  This six-week league will emphasize positive sportsmanship and team play while having fun!  We will begin with two weeks of team practice, followed by four weeks of games.  Come and join the fun!  Volunteer coaches are needed for this league.  Maximum of seven players per team.

  • Ages:  7-9 years old
  • Days:  Tuesdays, Sept 18 to Oct 23
  • Time:  4:15 p.m. to 5:15 p.m.
  • Location:  Robinswood Sports Field
  • Fee: $80/resident and $95/non-resident
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Come and learn the fun game of soccer!  Each session, our theme will focus on one soccer technique:  dribbling, passing or scoring goals.  Participants will also actually play small-sided soccer games.  Children will learn to play with teammates and develop balance/coordination while developing good habits of staying on task and improving their listening skills.

Pro Baseball - School's Out Baseball Camp (ages 7-13)

Pro Baseball - School's Out Baseball Camp (ages 7-13)
What better way to spend a day out of school than playing ball?  This school's out camp will focus on quality baseball instruction - hitting, throwing, fielding, games and scrimmages. Located at Hidden Valley Park, this baseball camp, taught by Steve Goucher and his staff, is well-suited for all players, from the aspiring to the elite.  Steve is a former professional baseball player and an Atlanta Braves scout who has coached baseball at all levels.  Bring a glove and don't miss out on the fun!

Basketball (ages 5-13)

Want to improve your basketball skills and fundamentals?  This Pre-Season Basketball Clinic creates an opportunity for coed players, ages 5-11, to participate and learn the concepts of basketball, develop their game, and prepare for the upcoming basketball season.  Clinics focus on helping athletes improve their skills and develop their talent by learning basic practice drills and emphasizing the fundamentals such as dribbling, shooting, defense and passing!  Minimum 10/Maximum 30

Running (ages 6-12)

Come join Bellevue Youth Sports on Sunday, Nov 4 for an exciting outdoor cross-country race at beautiful Robinswood Park.  The race will take you through some of the wonderful and well-maintained trails in the park.  Runners in grades K-12 can choose to race in either the 1/2-mile or 1-mile races.  On-site registration will begin at 11:30 a.m.  Parking is limited, so please arrive early.  

  • Ages:  Kids in kindergarten through 12th grade    
  • Time:  Noon to 2 p.m. (on-site registration begins at 11:30 a.m.)
  • Location:  Robinswood Park, near the playground, 2432 148th Avenue SE   
  • Cost:  Free!
  • Pre-registration:  Not required.
  • Info:  425-452-4627
  • Event Flyer and Waiver        


Kids running cross country is one of the most basic forms of kids' sports.  Come join Bellevue Youth Sports for outdoor running and workouts, while exploring trails within Bellevue's parks system.  Workouts will be age- and experience-appropriate, and will provide short- and long-distance workouts to improve fitness while having fun.  Please send your runner with a towel for ground exercises and a water bottle each day.  Cross country running for children develops strong mental skills and builds an improved sense of discipline towards running, other sports and life in general.  

Running distances will vary from 1/2 mile to 1 mile. 

There are four cross country meets in the area.  This season we are racing against Si View, Issaquah and Auburn.  Practices are on Mondays, and meets are on Sundays, with one on a Friday evening.

  • Ages:  6-12 years old
  • Location:  Wilburton Hill Park
  • Time:  5 p.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Dates:  Oct 4 to Nov 8
  • Fee:  $50/resident and $60/non-resident
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Martial Arts (ages 5 and older)


Beginning Kendo (ages 8 and older) 
Kendo is a coed martial arts sport based on Samurai traditions requiring both mental and physical discipline.  Participants use a Bokken (oak sword) for weeks 1-4.  At week 5, a Shinai (bamboo sword) is also required ($25).  Participants must purchase a Bokken either before or at the first class - please bring $25 (check or cash).  Beginning students should arrive at least 20 minutes early for the first class.  Beginning students should wear loose-fitting clothes.  The beginning class will focus on learning basic footwork and sword handling.  Upon completion of the beginning class, continuing students will enroll in the intermediate class.  Prospective students should make an effort to research kendo prior to signing up for the class.  Minimum 10/Maximum 25

  • Ages:  Ages 8 years and older  
  • Days:  Fridays, Sept 14 to Dec 7 (no class Nov 23)
  • Time:  6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Location:  Highland Community Center
  • Fees:  $84/resident and $100/non-resident
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Intermediate Kendo (ages 8 and older)
(Prerequisite - completed Beginning Kendo class or equivalent)
Intermediate Kendo is a continuation of kendo, where the students progress to actual striking of live targets.  Once students have progressed in skill, they will be able to move into wearing armor and engaging in bouts with other students.  Students will remain in Intermediate until they have transitioned to armor.  During intermediate kendo, students generally purchase uniforms which are required for advanced kendo.  All students in armor are in the Advanced Class.

  • Ages:  Ages 8 and older
  • Days:  Fridays, Sept 14 to Dec 7 (no class Nov 23)
  • Time:  6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
  • Location:  Highland Community Center
  • Fees:  $84/resident and $100/non-resident 
  • Register here for course 1803935

Advanced Kendo (ages 8 and older)  
(Prerequisite - Intermediate Kendo class or permission from instructors)
Advanced Kendo is for those students who have completed beginning and intermediate kendo and are in armor (bogu).  Individuals with previous experience must contact the teacher for approval to enroll in advanced kendo. 

  • Ages:  Ages 8 and older
  • Days:  Fridays, Sept 14 to Dec 7 (no class Nov 23)
  • Time:  7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
  • Location:  Highland Community Center
  • Fees:  $84/resident and $100/non-resident
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Self-Defense/Hapkido - Little Warriors/Beginning (ages 5 to 12)
This coed course helps young people develop coordination, balance, focus, strength, self-esteem, group interaction, communication skills and discipline, while teaching personal safety/self-defense in a safe, friendly environment.  In additional to lots of conditioning exercises, students will learn basic kicks, strikes, throws, evasions, grappling and weapons.  A uniform is required and will be available at class for a fee.  Minimum 10/Maximum 30    

Self-Defense/Hapkido - Intermediate/Advanced (ages 13 and older)
Pre-requisite:  Graduation from the beginning class, or age 13 and older.
This coed course builds on skills introduced in the beginning class and helps young people and adults successfully face physically confronting issues.  With a blend of traditional and real-world scenarios, students learn to identify, avoid and de-escalate potentially dangerous situations.  While refining skills learned in the beginning class, students will start learning joint locks, pressure points (adults only) and weapons.  Full sparring gear is mandatory for this class, or student will not be allowed to participate in sparring sessions, which are essential and required for their progress in Hapkido.  Classes are taught by a certified World Hapkido Association instructor.  Instructor permission is required to attend.  Minimum 10/Maximum 30      



Cheerleading and Tumbling (ages 5-18)

Basketball Cheer Squad (ages 5-13)
Come learn to cheer!  This is the beginning-level cheer squad that cheers for the Bellevue Parks Youth Basketball League.  We practice once a week from September to December, then cheer for our teams in weekly games from January to March, in real cheerleading uniforms!  Come join the fun!  Participants and parents must attend a mandatory parent and cheerleader meeting and uniform fitting on the first day of practice, Sept 28, at 4:15 p.m. at Highland Community Center.  Additional uniform costs will be incurred for this class.  Both fall and winter sessions are included in the registration fee. 

  • Ages:  5-13 years old
  • Location:  Highland Community Center
  • Fees:  $179/resident and $195/non-resident
  • Time:  4:15 p.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Days:  Thursdays, Sept 27 to Dec 20 (no class Nov 22)
  • Games:  Tuesdays, January to March, time/dates TBA
  • Register here for course 1804045

Dream Team Cheer Squad (ages 7-18)
Be a part of the Bellevue Parks' beginning-to-intermediate level cheer squad!  You'll learn dances, cheers and beginning tumbling.  There will be opportunities to perform, too.  Dream Team has performed at halftime for the Seattle Storm and University of Washington basketball games, and numerous community events.  Previous experience is not required - contact the instructor with questions. Dream Team is offered on either Wednesday or Friday.  Some extra uniform costs may be incurred for this class.

Dance/Drill Team (ages 11-18)
Be a part of the Bellevue Parks Dance Team!  Do you want to learn to dance or improve your technique?  Are you thinking about trying out for your high school dance team, drill team or cheerleading squad?  This team works on beginning-to-intermediate level spirit-style dance technique, focusing on hip-hop, precision, and pom styles.  There will be opportunities to perform, too.  Dream Team has performed in the past at halftime for the Seattle Storm, University of Washington Basketball games, and numerous community events.  Previous cheer or dance experience is recommended but not required - contact the instructor with questions.  Some extra costs may be incurred for this class.

Power Squad (ages 8-18)
Pre-requisite - a minimum of one session on Dream Team or Dance/Drill Team, concurrent registration on Dream Team or Dance/Drill Team, and instructor permission.
This intermediate-level cheer class is for those who want a more intense program without being on a competitive team.  This team focuses on stunting and tumbling, with some dance as well.  Some extra uniform costs may be incurred for this class.

Beginning/Intermediate Tumbling Class (ages 7-18)
This is a great class for starting and improving your tumbling skills.  We use a series of progressions to work from, doing bridge and cartwheels up to back handsprings and back tucks.  This small class is specifically geared towards tumbling for cheerleading.

Beginning Tumbling Class (ages 7-18)
This is a great class for starting and improving your tumbling skills.  We use a series of progressions to work from doing bridges and cartwheels up to back handsprings and back tucks.  This small class is specifically geared towards tumbling for cheerleading.

Cheerleading and Crowd Leading Workshop (ages 7-18)
This cheerleading workshop is aimed at those who want to improve their sideline cheer skills.  The focus is on effectively leading the crowd, jumps, tumbling and cheer basics.  This is a fantastic opportunity to improve your skills!  Please bring a snack, sack lunch, a water bottle, and wear comfortable clothes and tennis shoes. 

  • Ages:  7-18 years old
  • Location:  Highland Community Center
  • Fees:  $49/resident and $59/non-resident
  • Day/Time:  Saturday, Nov 7, 12:30 p.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Register here  

Ninja Tumbling Class (ages 7-12)
Want to improve your Ninja skills?  This is a fun class, teaching tumbling with a ninja-like twist.  We use a series of progressions to work from doing bridges and cartwheels up to back handsprings and back tucks, taking out bad guys in the process!

About Youth Sports

Bellevue's Youth Sports and Fitness programs seek to make the sports experience safe, fun and healthy for all children.  In addition, these programs promote the value and importance of sports and physical activities in the emotional, physical, social and mental development of youth.  Participation in sports and activities develops important character traits and lifelong values. Participation is provided to all those who enter, regardless of skill and ability.

  • Get active:  Programs are held year-round and city-wide for youth ages 3 to 12 years. Clinics and Leagues are held during the school year, and a full spectrum of day camps and clinics are held during school breaks and the summer.
  • Sports and Fitness = Fun!  Youth have a FUN learning experience and the opportunity to develop lifelong sports and fitness skills.

The goal of Bellevue's Youth Sports and Fitness programs is to provide quality programming with responsible leaders so youth have the opportunity to grow and learn. This program serves all youth, regardless of skill and ability, and provides fun learning experiences with the opportunity to develop lifetime sports and fitness skills.

Some of the programs offered include:

  • Traditional/Seasonal Sports Leagues: basketball, soccer, baseball, and track and field 
  • School Break Youth Sports Day Camps
  • Youth Martial Arts
  • Indoor Soccer
  • Special Events
  • Fitness/Self Improvement
  • Skateboard Park

Bellevue's sports leagues are generously supported by Land o'Frost Lunch Meats. See sponsor website for special savings for youth sports league participants.

Land O'Frost logo - youth sports

Zachery Lystedt Law

This law was passed in Washington state in 2009. It prohibits youth athletes suspected of sustaining a concussion from returning to play without a licensed healthcare provider's approval. The law will directly affect youth sports, head injury policies and future City of Bellevue youth participants.

To help parents and children stay informed, Bellevue will help distribute information about this new law. Before any child is allowed to participate in a City of Bellevue Youth Sports program, the documents listed below must be read, signed and turned in prior to participation. These documents are also included in the informational packets for parents and coaches.


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