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Bellevue invites you to celebrate your next corporate, family or social gathering at one of our beautiful parks. Choose from a variety of picnic and outdoor wedding sites that range from scenic waterfront beach parks to a picturesque working farm. Bellevue's parks are conveniently located near Puget Sound metropolitan areas – 15 minutes from Seattle, 45 minutes from Tacoma and 30 minutes from Snohomish County.

Requests for picnic areas in 2018 are accepted starting Feb. 15, 2018 for Bellevue residents and Bellevue businesses, and starting March 15, 2018 for everyone else.

Check park availability - email parkrental@bellevuewa.gov with the park name, site, timeframe and date(s) interested.

Park Use Guidelines - All the information you will need to reserve a park, information on when to reserve, what to submit and how to submit a request to make a reservation.  It also contains important information about park codes and special uses allowed in the parks.

Park Reservation Request Form - Complete this form with your physical signature, and submit it with full payment no later than six business days prior to your reservation date.  Digitally-altered forms or typed signatures are not accepted.

Picnic Site Information - A matrix of all parks with picnic sites available for reservation.

Park Use Fees - Fees broken out into park sites with shelters, park sites without shelters, and then by half-day or full-day use, based upon weekday or weekend use.

Park Special Use Form - Would you like your park rental to include any special uses (such as catering, inflatable rides, entertainment, games, etc.), or is a company providing additional equipment?  If so, the Park Special Use Form is required if you are hiring a company.  Submit this form as soon as a company has been selected.  Our office will work directly with that company to meet requirements.  The deadline to meet requirements is 15 business days prior to the event date. ​


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