Outdoor Fitness Classes

Are you looking for an outdoor setting to conduct fitness classes?  Consider using a Bellevue park.

A permit is required if the class has an instructor who collects fees from the participants.  There is a $30 administration fee plus a rental fee of $7.50 per hour to use the park. 

  • To obtain a permit, fill out the Park Reservation Request Form and include all the dates you would like to use the park for the year.  Dates may be added, removed or changed. 
  • To receive credit for dates removed, the City of Bellevue requires at least four business days' notice. 
  • Each time you submit a request for additional dates that occur after the current permit, there will be a $30 administration fee.
  • Staff will be happy to set up a monthly payment plan for you.
  • All instructors must have a Bellevue Business License and insurance.
  • If you are unable to conduct class due to the weather, the City will refund the hourly fee for that day.  The instructor must keep track of these days and submit them at the end of the month for credit to be applied to the next month.


Parks Scheduling Office




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