Bridle Trails Park Levy Projects

Coming up - Parks & Community Services Board will review preferred plan (see plan below) on May 10th.

The 2008 Bellevue Parks & Natural Areas Levy includes $2.5 million to acquire, develop or enhance parks and open space in the Bridle Trails neighborhood. Based on community input, the city in January 2011 purchased a property at 2402 134th Avenue NE. Bridle Trails Corner Park construction was complete in late 2014.

New Park Acquisition

The Parks & Community Services Department recently acquired a second parcel for future park development located at 4432 140th Avenue NE. The Parks Department partnered with the Bridle Trails Community Club's Park Committee to locate a property within the Bridle Trails subarea that would best serve the community, using remaining funds from the Bridle Trails Park Levy project originally targeted for the Acheson property.

After an extensive property search, the "Ginzberg" parcel was identified from a lead provided by the community. With BTTC support, and after several months of negotiations, the 1.65-acre property was acquired in late 2014.

The site is conveniently located along 140th Avenue NE just south of the Bellevue Municipal Golf Course and abuts a six-acre City of Bellevue-owned utility site to the east. Although there are no funds currently available for development, planning for the site will begin in May. A kick-off community meeting to introduce the site and take public comment was held on May 13 at the North Bellevue Community Center.

A second meeting was held on Wednesday, October 7. Staff shared survey results and suggestions received, presented two design concepts, and took comments.

On Wednesday, February 10, a third community meeting was held at North Bellevue Community Center, Parks staff presented their preferred park design and program along with time for Q&A and discussion.

At the March 24th Bridle Trails Community Club general meeting, staff shared the preferred plan and received an informal unanimous approval of the plan.

Parks staff will present the preferred park plan to the Parks & Community Services Board on Tuesday, May 10, asking for the Park Board's endorsement of the plan and requesting the Board to recommend that the City Council approve the plan. 

Bridle Trails neighborhood sign


Working with the Bridle Trails Community Club (BTCC), the city solicited ideas for parks and open space from the Bridle Trails neighborhood. Neighborhood outreach included surveys, newsletters, neighborhood block and park parties, multiple BTCC and neighborhood meetings. The community provided more than 100 project location and program suggestions.

To inform park and natural project recommendations for the Bridle Trails neighborhood, evaluation of suggestions included: neighborhood input, project principles and criteria, project opportunity, feasibility and estimated costs. The BTCC Board ratified recommendations, and the neighborhood strongly supported them, 90 percent of those at a neighborhood meeting on Sept. 30, 2010, voting for them.

Neighborhood Recommendations

The BTCC recommended committing at least $2.5 million voter-approved Parks & Natural Areas Levy funds toward neighborhood park development and natural areas in the Bridle Trails neighborhood. The recommended projects were identified in the preferred order:

  • Obtain an agreement with the state to develop, operate and maintain state-owned open space at 5220 132nd Ave. NE (Acheson property) as a neighborhood park.
  • Develop a master plan, with the Bridle Trails neighborhood and owners of contiguous property, for a neighborhood park on the 132nd Avenue property.
  • Develop the park on 132nd Avenue.
  • Pursue acquisition of the property located at 2402 134th Ave. NE (Northeast 24th Street site) for the purposes of providing park and open space.
  • Develop a master plan, with the Bridle Trails neighborhood and with owners of contiguous property, for a neighborhood park on the 24th Street property.
  • Develop the 24th Street park.

Park Board and City Council Action

On Oct. 12, 2010 the Council approved Resolution No. 8161 on Nov. 22, 2010, authorizing the purchase of the property at 2402 134th Ave. NE (neighborhood recommendation project #2). On Jan. 31, 2011 the city purchased this property with parks levy funds.

City staff will implement the park projects as recommended by the neighborhood, to the extent practical. Staff will return to the council for further action on the individual projects, including review of the terms of a property agreement with the state, as well as any related park master planning efforts.

132nd Avenue site to remain open space

In 2010, the city began discussing with the state its intent to enter into a long-term agreement to develop and maintain the five-acre open space at 5220 132nd Ave. NE (Acheson property) as a park.

State Parks advised the city that, due to severe budget cuts, the development and management of the Acheson property must be linked to Bridle Trails State Park across the street. This concept was not compatible with the use of Park Levy funds, so the two parties agreed that the state would continue to maintain the Acheson property, as an open space and recreational asset to the community.

Community Meeting Presentations:

The Bridle Trails Community Club has additional information. If you would like a response to specific questions, contact Scott VanderHyden (contact information in the right column of this page).

Bellevue welcomes your input about this project at any time.


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