Hidden Valley Park

1903 112th Ave NE

This 17.31 acre park features 3 softball fields, play and picnic areas, tennis courts, a sports court, and restrooms at the north and south end of the park.  In addition, it is home to the Hidden Valley Fieldhouse, operated jointly by Bellevue Parks & Community Services and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Bellevue.  

Ballfield Scheduling

Visit the Ballfield Rental webpage or call the Parks Facility Reservation Office at 425-452-6914 for information on reserving the ballfields at Hidden Valley Park. 

Osprey at Hidden Valley Park

The pair of osprey who have called Hidden Valley Sports Park home for several years returned to the park this spring to nest on the platform built especially for them when the city replaced 40-year-old light stanchions at the park.

Ospreys are largely fish-eating birds of prey.  They can be identified by their brown backs and predominantly white to cream-colored heads, chests, and bellies.  They have a distinctive dark brown stripe extending from behind the eye to their body.

The Osprey's sight is well adapted to detect fish from the air.  They can see prey from about 130 feet above the water!  When a fish is spotted, the Osprey dives and strikes with its talons; this is a dramatic sight for those lucky enough to see it.

Osprey commonly reuse their nest for many years.  They usually build their nest on the top of large snags, trees, bridges, power poles and artificial nesting platforms.  They add new materials to the nest each year; older nests may weigh hundreds of pounds and be several feet tall.  Both the male and female birds build the nest, incubate the eggs, and care for the young.

The North American Osprey is a migratory bird.  Those that nest in Washington primarily migrate to southern California, Oregon, Arizona or Latin America for the winter.

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