Street Trees & Arterial Landscapes

Bellevue has earned the nickname “a city in a park,” and our street trees and arterial landscapes provide an essential link between each piece of our expansive parks and open space system. As the percentage of urban tree cover falls nationwide, our street trees become increasingly important. To maintain a healthy urban forest, Bellevue’s Parks & Community Services Department provides care to our city’s street trees, including the stewardship of approximately 10,000 ornamental trees and associated landscapes located along 50 miles of streets.

Our responsibilities include: developing and supervising roadside vegetation maintenance contracts, tree grate maintenance, interdepartmental coordination of streetscape issues, evaluating right-of-way trees, advising and assessing tree protection, plan review and inspection of new streetscape landscape and tree installation, tree replacement and landscape renovation, and street tree pruning.


Slow and deep watering encourages tree roots to grow deep into the soil, improving drought tolerance. This can be accomplished by using special watering bags, installed irrigation, or by enlisting the help of nearby neighbors


Regular pruning helps direct the growth of young trees. Older trees are pruned on a 7-year cycle to ensure a healthy, well-formed canopy. The city only uses certified arborists for this work, as they are trained to anticipate the tree’s response to the pruning. You can help our arborists by allowing them access to your driveway or parking lot. This enables them to work more quickly and minimize traffic conflicts.

Species Selection

Planting the right tree in the right place is essential for good street tree management. At maturity, the tree should fit under power lines and have a mature size that is appropriate for the available space.

Get Involved!

The roadside environment is especially hard on trees. You can help us maintain these trees by calling the Parks & Community Services Department’s Street Tree program staff if you see any of the following issues:

  • Broken limbs
  • Damage to the trunk
  • Unseasonal leaf fall
  • Toppled or uprooted trees
  • Poor tree health
  • Broken or missing grates
  • Construction next to a tree
  • Malfunctioning irrigation
  • Branch conflicts with buildings, signage, pedestrians, or vehicles
  • Unauthorized pruning

Check out Bellevue's online street tree inventory viewer!

View helpful information about pruning the trees and shrubs on your property.

Go to the Parks Best Management Practices web page, with useful information for developers, including tree protection, materials specs for frontage improvements, and soil volume requirements.

If you would like to report a hazardous tree condition in the right-of-way, please contact Bellevue Utilities' Operations and Maintenance at 425-452-7840 or


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