Probation Volunteers

The Probation Office's volunteers play an important role in supporting the work of probation officers.  Volunteers are also valuable mentors and assistants. Volunteer opportunities include:    

Case Aide - works under the supervision of a probation officer.  Duties include meeting with clients, monitoring compliance with court and probation orders, maintaining documentation and files, and other related work. 

Gateway Volunteer - Community volunteer mentors and interns are matched with misdemeanor offenders to provide the support defendants need to reintegrate into the community successfully. 

Electronic Home Detention Assistant - Works under the supervision of the Electronic Home Detention staff.  Volunteers may conduct initial interviews, pre-screen defendants, evaluate applications, verify employment, and maintain file documentation.  This volunteer position may include some field work.

Administrative Assistant - Performs varied duties, such as helping at the front office, filing, inputting data, and answering phones. 


Probation Volunteer Program Robert O'Neal PO Box 90012Bellevue, WA 98009-9012



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