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Inspiration Playground Volunteer Ambassador Inspiration Playground at Downtown Park, Bellevue's inclusive outdoor play environment for children with and without disabilities, features a new volunteer playground ambassador program, starting in the summer of 2018. Ambassadors are ready to answer questions, support inclusive play and assist with equipment, and ensure that the playground is a fun and welcoming community space for everyone. 

Ambassadors are at the playground the second and fourth Saturdays in July and August, and the third and fifth Saturdays in September. The volunteers are identified by green T-shirts. A community resource table will be available too. We look forward to seeing you all there this summer!

Volunteer to be an Inspiration Playground Ambassador!

Please contact Molly Fay, community engagement coordinator, with any questions about the ambassador program - or 425-452-4620. 

Who are these volunteers in the green shirts on the playground?

These people are volunteer Playground Ambassadors.  This is a new program with the City of Bellevue's Parks & Community Services Department, with funding from King County Council.

What will the Ambassadors do on the playground?

Ambassadors are there to answer questions, support inclusive play, assist with equipment, and ensure that the playground is a welcoming and fun community space for everyone.

You might see Playground Ambassadors helping by:

  • Welcoming you or others to the playground,
  • Playing in the same space as/with children,
  • Answering questions from children and adults about how this playground is inclusive for people with disabilities,
  • Helping people use the equipment, and
  • Encouraging children to play together when appropriate.

Will the Ambassadors interact with my child?

Maybe!  Ambassadors are there to support children with and without disabilities.  They may play in the same space as your children and would be willing to play with them if requested.  They might offer help with the equipment or ask your child if he/she would like to join other children on equipment that holds more than one person. 

Ambassadors are available to support children who might feel uncomfortable around other people on the playground.  They are also happy to answer any questions children may have about disabilities or inclusion.

Talk to the Ambassadors if there is anything you want them to know about interacting or communicating with your child.

When will Ambassadors be at the playground?

Ambassadors will be at the playground on the second and fourth Saturdays in July and August, as well as the third and fifth Saturdays in September.

What are their qualifications?

All Ambassador volunteers have passed a background check and attended two hours of training.

Will the Ambassadors tell my child what to do?

No.  Playground Ambassadors are not there to monitor or correct behavior, or to change how or where your child chooses to play.

Will Ambassadors watch/be responsible for my child?

No.  Playground Ambassadors do not hold any responsibility for any people on the playground.  The responsibility to monitor a child's safety, wellbeing and behavior lies with the adult(s) who brought the child to the playground.

Where can I learn more about the Playground Ambassador program?

Learn more about the program at the playground resource table, from any Playground Ambassador, viewing this web page, or by emailing Molly Fay at

What if I am interested in become a volunteer Playground Ambassador?

Any interested person, 16 years or older, who successfully passes a background check and attends training, can become an Ambassador!  Grab a flyer at the playground, ask the on-site coordinator, sign up at the playground resource table, or email Molly Fay at

View the Playground Ambassador volunteer web page


Molly FayCommunity Engagement CoordinatorPO Box 90012Bellevue, WA 98009-9012




Playground address (not for mailing):

Bellevue Downtown Park 100 100th Avenue NE, Bellevue WA 98004
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