Nature Trails

Bellevue's open space system includes over 2,000 acres of forests and natural areas, as well as approximately 92 miles of multi-use trails. If stretched end-to-end along the Interstate 90 corridor, Bellevue’s trails would extend beyond Cle Elum! These trails offer their gifts of beauty, exercise, quiet contemplation, cultural heritage, and a rich diversity of plants and animal life.

Bellevue’s Parks and Open Space Trail System is the result of many years of commitment to an exceptional quality of life in our community through the support of Bellevue citizens and City leadership. This commitment is the reason why Bellevue is known as the “city in a park.”

Your group can help keep Bellevue's trail system looking great by participating in our Eco-Friday or Stewardship Saturday volunteer events!

Become a Bellevue Trail Steward volunteer! 

A family walks the trail at the Mercer Slough Nature Park.


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